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    For any query call us 24*7 on +91 8100300200.


    We believe that our people are our greatest strength. After all, with the right kind of people around, every goal becomes reachable! Hence, our culture aims at taking care of our people as much as we care about our work and our consumers. Our aim has been to build an environment where good work is balanced with a healthy work environment – because a conducive environment can accelerate productivity by leaps and bounds. We try and keep our work place as STRESS FREE as possible, so that it becomes our team’s second home. Along with regulating the external state of our workplace, we also put equal impetus on regulating the internal states of our employees’ minds. We encourage the enhancement of self-development and inner wisdom through yoga, meditation and spiritual training at our work place – all of which help at keeping our people calm and focused. We also share our joys, by celebrating festivals, birthdays & also picnic with families in order to cultivate the sense of bonding among everyone. Because for us, a perfect workplace is the one where the people feel cared for, appreciated and joyous!



      Registered Showroom:
      Bombay Road, N.H-6, Ankurhati Check Post,
      Prosastha (Opp. Indian Express), Howrah- 711302
      Boutique Showroom:
      4, Chinar Park, P.O: Hatiara, P.S: Baguihati,
      Dist:24 PGS (N), Kol- 700157
      +91 8100300200, +91 3326471917